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Visiting and Tours

This information on this page is designed to help you whether you are on a guided tour or doing a self-guided tour.


The following materials are available at the Adventist Book Center (ABC) and have helpful information about the Washington NH Church (and other New England historic sites).

Adventist Pioneer Places by Merlin D. Burt   "It started as a movement: in tiny homes and small churches in the northeast corner of the United States. Now the Seventh-day Adventist Church circles the globe, and its members are numbered, no longer in the dozens, but in the millions. Although the church’s beginnings were small, the stories of its early years are larger than life."

Day of Visit: 

GPS Warning: If your GPS is taking you through Stoddard, NH reset it for the center of Washington, NH. When you arrive at Washington NH town common, the center of Washington, then set if for the church.  King Street used to connect Washington, NH to Stoddard, NH.  The road leading to the church in Washington is maintained only during the summer. The Stoddard side of the road is not maintained at all.

Other Road Warnings: 

Please visit our Facebook page or our Facebook Group for updates about King Street if you are visiting in May. The road is closed during the winter and during "Mud Season".  If you visit and the road is closed you have to park at the end of King Street and walk in. We post whether the road is closed or what weight limits are allowed on the road on Facebook.