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William Miller's Rules for Bible Study

William Miller's Rules for Bible Study 1

Collected by Pastor Ron Nickerson

  1. Every word must have its proper bearing on the subject presented in the Bible.
  2. All scripture is necessary.
  3. Nothing is hidden from those who ask.
  4. Use all scripture; if your theory does not contradict any, it is sound.
  5. Scripture must be its own expositor.
  6. Combine all visions and parables on a subject.
  7. Visions are always mentioned as such.
  8. Figures always have a figurative meaning.
  9. Parables must be explained as figures.
  10. Figures may have two or more significations: day may be indefinite, one year, a 1000 years, but the key is that the interpretation harmonizes with other scripture.
  11. If words do not violate good sense, take them literally.
  12. Figures will be explained elsewhere in the Bible.
  13. History will agree with prophecy.
  14. Most important is "have faith"2.
1. William Miller also started his study in Genesis and moved through the Bible in order. This study reflects Jesus' method of Bible study seen in Luke 24:37. This causes different questions to be asked as you cover a topic from Genesis to Revelation. This contribution of William Miller is at the heart of the way Seventh-day Adventists study their Bible. (Pastor Ken Brummel of the Washington NH SDA Church)
2. White, James. "Life Incidents", Battle Creek: Steam, 1868 p. 35