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Please do not take photos from other areas of this website.  These photos have been prepared for use by organizations and churches.

Please drop us a line if you use our photos so we may mention, or link back to, you.  If there is another photo on the website you would like to use, that is not here, please let us know so we can make it available.


The following photos were made available by the generosity of the owners, to be used for print or website materials. 
Please remember to give credit to the photographer.  There will be more photos added soon. 

All images here are LINKS to full size .jpg images.   2592 x 1944 px

The first series of photos were taken by the website manager, Sandy Cheney, in June 2008. They were never intended to be used in print material, but are here to use until better images are available.

South Side views


Front / West side views



Cemetery view

Sabbath Trails Entrance View

The following photos were taken by Ed Runnels. He has given permission to use them, but they must be credited to him.    Please do not sell them.

All images here are LINKS to full size .jpg images.

  746px  x  497px     717px   x   477px

The following photos are all   1536px   x  1024px