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Sabbath School and Worship Service

Sabbath, September 22, 1998



Welcome to Sabbath School
9:15 A.M.

Song service   Cheryl Knowles
Superintendent's Remarks   Trudy Wright
Special Music   PTA Choir
Special Feature   Richard Garey
Special Music   * Steve & Linda Dayen
Lesson Study   Ben Schoun & Merlin Knowles

Sabbath School Division Locations and Leaders

Cradle Roll   Cemetery Corner   Marilyn Schroer
Kindergarten   Cemetery Gate   Lois Rossier & Mariam Smith
Primary   Under tarp by trail head   Dave & Linda Baker
Junior   Canopy near road   Peggy Schauffler

Organist David Smith


Welcome and Announcements
Pastor Knowles



Welcome to the Worship Hour
11:00 A.M.

Introit Elders Enter
Invocation Dan Matthews
Scripture Reading Hal Thompson
Opening Hymn Hymn #93
"I Sing the Mighty Power"
Children's Story Dan Matthews
Worship in Giving John DePalma
Sabbath Trail & Visitors Center
Prayer John DePalma
Special Music PTA Choir
Morning Message Dan Matthews
"We Remember the Sabbath"
Hymn of Response      Hymn # 462
"Safely Through Another Week"
Benediction Hal Thompson

"The Sabbath... a time to worship our maker & redeemer; a
time for God to liberate & heal; a time to rest by faith in God's
finished work; a time to sense our infinite value in God's eyes; a
time to know commune with & delight in our creator... "

*   "God Made A Day"
1. God made a day, long ago, when man lived in a garden home
And the world was a fresh gift from our Creator.
They would walk and talk and listen,
Hand in hand with the Lamb of God,
With no knowledge of the sin that would come later.

2. God has a day, even now, so that we can all learn how
To enter in to His blessed, promised rest.
We may walk and talk and listen,
Hand in hand with our Lord Jesus,
And prize the time he's sanctified and blessed.

3. One Sabbath day, very soon, in that glorious earth made new,
Made by Him, who for our sakes became poor,
We will walk and talk and listen,
Hand in hand with our Redeemer,
Knowing sin and death will surely be no more.

The Sabbath is the day. God made a day To find sweet rest in Jesus,
To fellowship with those who understand.
Life is much more than work and worry.
Slow down. You don't always need to hurry.
Enjoy the gifts from our Creator's hand!

1998 by Stephen E. Dayen
This song is dedicated to my friend, Merlin Knowles, whose vision made the Sabbath Trail possible.