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God's Sabbath Trail

What does this Sabbath trail really mean?
It's truly finished, no longer just a dream;
This is the place where every soul can go;
To feel the peace that everyone should know.

Walking on the paths and reading each stone;
Carved there to share the truth that must be made known;
It speaks to the heart in the quiet of the way;
Revealing the holy message of the Sabbath Day.

Come along the trail from it's beginning to the end;
Reflect upon it's meaning of true rest, my friend;
From the first book of the Bible way back in the past;
Is traced God's Sabbath Day, for it was meant to last.

As you spend time walking this special trail;
Please don't let it be to you of no avail;
Find the beauty of it's rest straight from the heart of God;
For you're traveling the same path those before you have trod.

Until that blessed Day when we see our Lord so dear;
May you feel His presence each time you visit here;
Till we meet in the new world and God's face we seek;
On our Lord's special Sabbath - the 7th Day each week.

     by Patty Kubicki