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Hi Friends,

E-mail washingtonsda@nnec.org if you can help.

I need your help.  The Washington SDA Church, Sabbath Trail, and our community outreach is more than two families can do.  Many of the projects can be done in a visit or two a year.  

Here is a list of projects you can help with.  This can be a great church or Pathfinder project.   

1) Sabbath Trail Site Care.  We are looking for  each site to be cared for and developed with plants etc.  Plants should be deer resistant and not deer candy.   Site 4 (the 10 Commandments) and 31 (The New Earth) have plans and I need workers to help make it a reality.

2)  The hill  by the restroom.  I would like a person or a team of naturalists, amateur or professional,  who would create a wild plant identification area.  Help with transplanting and labeling plants so visitors can have an easier time identifying wild plants.  The project can grow around the Restroom parking area.  

3) Pathfinder Honors  and woodland management.  I would like help identifying and creating materials for visiting Pathfinder groups for honors that can be done at Washington.  We have been told any woodland, plant and geology as there are glacier deposited stones on the trail.  I also would like to have a woodland/ecosystem  management skills taught.  The key here is having these materials at Washington Church.