Our Special Projects include improvements and repairs to the Washington church, the cemetery, the grounds and the Sabbath Trail.


You can explore the photo galleries of the Special Projects, by finding the links in the right column, down below, starting with "Cemetery Project."  Enjoy!


The Washington NH SDA Church is closed to membership at this time.  

We have church groups, primarily from the Northern New England Conference, Southern New England Conference, and other nearby conferences, that visit the site and support us, allowing the church to be open from the first Sabbath in May to the last Sabbath in October.  

The Northern New England Conference Treasury Department receives the offerings and pays the bills for the site.

One of the challenges in not having an active church is that we do not receive year-round offerings on behalf of the church. While we do receive gifts from visitors, we do not have a group of dedicated people who give monthly to this ministry.

We are working with the Northern New England Conference and the North American Division Online Giving service. This is so you, in following the link at the bottom of the page, can give to this ministry.  

The Northern New England Conference has two line items in its offering that are used for the Washington NH SDA Church:

1) The Washington General Fund:  This fund is used for the upkeep cost of the church and Sabbath Trail. During 2015 we to raise $12,000.00-$14,000.00. 

2) The Special Project Fund:  This fund is currently where you can assist us in paying for the New Pavilion (See the Special Project Page.) We currently need about $10,000 for completing the project.

Following the construction, we are raising funds to clean and repair the cemetery stones.  Each stone will cost an average of $300.00. With about 50 stones and rebuilding the cemetery wall we estimate the project to cost $20,000.00.  The Cyrus Farnsworth stone is in need of immediate care.  We also have some stones on the ground that may cost upwards of $2,000.00 each for repair.  We will update the costs as we move forward with this project.  

Any funds given to these projects will be processed by the treasury staff of the Northern New England Conference.