Hi Friends,

Join us September 22, 2018, for our first Friends of Washington Sabbath.  

E-mail washingtonsda@nnec.org if you can help.

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I need your help.  The Washington SDA Church, Sabbath Trail, and our community outreach is more than two families can do.  Many of the projects, such as Sabbath Trail maintenance, need to be done every year, and volunteering one or two days per year with others can make a huge impact. 

Above are links for those who are interested in helping us personally and with recruiting of others.  


Here is the information on the pages. There is a one page version and a bulletin insert size version.  


Friends of Washington Sabbath

September 22, 2018

Organizational Meeting after Fellowship Dinner

It is easy to admit two volunteers cannot take care of all the issues of the Washington Church and Sabbath Trail. Marsha and I need people who care about the Washington Church to join us and/or lead one or two work days per year. Just giving 5-10 hours of volunteer time per year can make a huge impact.

Here are areas we need help with:

  1. Vison: Developing a long-term plan for the Site.
  2. Sabbath Trail and Cemetery Care.
    1. Maintaining the Stones and Individual Sites.
    2. Chipping and Maintaining the Forest
    3. Planning for diversity of life on the trail.
    4. Mechanical Assistance with equipment.
  3. Event Planning:
    1. Annual Meeting Team.
    2. Hillsborough Reenactment.
    3. Sabbath Hosts.
    4. Special Sabbath Teams.
  4. Research Assistance.
  5. Fundraising


E-mail: washingtonsda@nnec.org

Website: https://www.firstadventistchurch.org/

Phone: 603-542-0654