The Birthplace of the
Seventh-day Adventist Church


The Year in Pre-View:

Annual Meeting 2016:   There is a two day event for Annual Meeting.  Friday, August 5 is a tribute to Waldo Farnsworth. Waldo was a good neighbor to the community of Washington.  He let children ride on his truck on his milk run.  He had a "Sugar on Snow" party for the "pond kids" who came during the summers on Millen Pond. He also played the "saw" from a boat on Millen Pond.
The Washington NH Historical Society newsletter, Spring 2006, features a story called, "Who Was Waldo?" It includes a photo of Waldo playing his saw for worship service, among other photos. Have a look!

We will have a "Sugar on Snow" under the pavilion in the afternoon.  And Merlin Knowles will play the saw that evening on  Millen Pond. 

Sabbath, August 6, Pastor Merlin Knowles, designer of the Sabbath Trail, will be our guest speaker. This is the twentieth anniversary of the Sabbath Trail beginning.  If you or someone you know worked on the trail, please make sure they are especially invited to this Annual Meeting. 

We will be working on the cemetery this year. The goal is to clean the headstones and whiten them to their original color.  This will happen Sunday,  June 19.  

"It Is Written" Speaker John Bradshaw is speaking October 8.

Northern New England Conference Office Staff is hosting services October 15.

October 22, "The Great Disapointment"   Site Director Ken Brummel will review the Prophecies of Daniel that led to "The Great Disappointment" and the birth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Pathfinder, Churches and Church Schools: We are looking for 34 groups who would take a portion of the Sabbath Trail, pavilion, restroom, and church area to help maintain it.  This would require you to come once or twice a year for five years.  We would put up a small plaque identifying your group. 

We will allow groups to camp at the church who come from a further distance. We will train your group on  "beginning forest maintenance", use of a Biltmore Stick to estimate the value of your woodland and discuss habitat.  We will have materials for identifying trees.  You may bring plants that are deer resistent to add beauty to the site.  

Conference Communication leaders and bulletin secretaries:    Go to the "Contact Us" page. Look at the right hand side of the page for a link. Photos on this page are approved for use by you.  These photos do not have copyrights that we would need to seek approval before use. 

History Tours: When Marsha and I are at the church we will be happy to share the church history with visitors. Cemetery Tours, with stories of the pioneers buried there, take place each Sabbath afternoon we are at the church. For larger groups we offer multiple tours to make it more personal.    Our plan is to be at Washington each Sabbath. Come join us for the can't miss portion of any New England Adventist History tour.    

Site Director: Ken Brummel

September 2015 Atlantic Union Gleaner.
n the inside front cover, there is a photo of Site Director, Ken Brummel, as he shares information about stage two of the pavilion project.
On page 9 you will find the article "Atlantic Union Conference Visits Historic Church" by Debra McKinney Banks. There you will find more photos of Ken and Marsha Brummel, and of the Union officers. 
On page 16, there is a second article featuring the Washington Church, called "Finding Peace Where Adventism Began" by Scott Christiansen. The article shares information about the 2015 Annual Session meeting held on August 1st, with guest speaker Johathan Duffy, president of ADRA.
If you missed these articles, or are located outside the Atlantic Union, you can read them by clicking this link, and downloading the PDF file of this issue.

Pavilion Project:
We have completed Stage 1 of the Pavilion project. We have a roof  and a floor.  We need to raise funds for Stage 2. This is the triangle gable ends of the building, the netting on the rafters to prevent birds from nesting there, storage, 15 picnic tables and bug netting for the sides. We will then move on to the cemetery project. If you want to help with these projects to make the site nicer for visitors please go to our donation page.  The NNEC is our treasurer and will provide receipts as needed. 


As an inspirational, historic site owned by the Northern New England Conference (NNEC) of Seventh-day Adventists, we have services each Sabbath (Saturday) from the first Sabbath in May until the last Sabbath in October. The support of the area churches that hold Sabbath services at this idylic facility are what make this opportunity possible.

Sabbath School starts at 10:00 a.m. and the Worship Service starts at 11:30 a.m.
If your church is interested in hosting a Sabbath Service in this beautiful location with a rich history, please contact us.

Questions about the Washington, New Hampshire SDA Church may be directed to Ken Brummel, Site Director, at or by calling 603 542 0654.



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