Welcome to the First Adventist Church at Washington, New Hampshire and Home of the Sabbath Trail.

First Sabbath Meeting for 2021

Sabbath May 15 is our tentative opening date this year.  All of this assumes COVID-19 cases will be under control.   Our last Sabbath is October 30.  We are open all Sabbaths between these dates.


Until the COVID-19 crisis is behind us, our hours are 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We will have a short Worship. The Pavilion and Sabbath Trail are open.


For those traveling to see Washington, NH Church from afar, bring your wild life books to help you as you walk the Sabbath Trail.  Peak colors in the Fall happen from the last two weeks of September and first two weeks of October.


Also, Merlin Burt's book on Adventist History in New England is a good resource for those planning trips to historic sites.


Contact me :
If you are coming during the week, not on Sabbath.
If you are bringing a group and want to discuss the day's program.
If you are interested as church, school or Sabbath School group and would desire to adopt one of the 31 Sites.
If you are a Pathfinder group of 30 or less and are okay with primitive camping. Nature honors and working on the trail are great weekend or weekday activities.
If you would like a Zoom meeting to hear the stories of our pioneers. (English... with your translator if needed)

If you have questions:

Site Director Ken Brummel   at  washingtonsda@nnec.org

Donations can be sent by mail to: Washington SDA Church, PO Box 175, Washington NH 03280

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Sabbath School and Church Services are held from May through October.  See our Sabbath Activities Calendar for the churches that may be hosting our services each week. 

Sabbath School starts at 10:00 AM
Worship Service starts at 11:30 AM

Fellowship dinner under the Pavilion

Cemetery Tour  2:00 PM

Sabbath school is open to all who wish to attend. Many Adventist churches follow the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. 

If your church is interested in hosting a Sabbath Service this season, please contact us.

Questions about the Washington, New Hampshire SDA Church may be directed to Ken Brummel, Site Director, at washingtonsda@nnec.org or by calling 603 542 0654.

History Tours

When Marsha and I are at the church we will be happy to share the church history with visitors. Cemetery Tours, with stories of the pioneers buried there, take place each Sabbath afternoon we are at the church. For larger groups we offer multiple tours to make it more personal.    Our plan is to be at Washington each Sabbath. Come join us for the can't miss portion of any New England Adventist History tour. 

Ken Brummel

Before Coming to Washington Church for Sabbath Services

When you plan your visit, remember to check our Visiting and Tours page for all the news and directions you will need.

Please visit and join our Facebook Group or LIKE our Facebook Page, where we share updates about King Street and it's accessibility.

The road is closed during the winter and during "Mud Season".  If you visit and the road is closed you have to park at the end of King Street and walk in. We post on Facebook whether the road is closed or what weight limits are allowed on the road.