Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting  August 12, 2023

Our guest speaker for Annual Meeting is Elder Gary Blanchard, President of the Northern New England Conference.   Read the online article with his biography.  


More details to follow.




 Annual Meeting August 13, 2022

Our guest speaker for Annual Meeting is Elder Pierre Omeler, President of the Atlantic Union.

Learn more about our speaker here.      from


For Questions or to volunteer, contact Site Director Ken Brummel by
   Phone: 603-477-1064

Sabbath School starts at 10:00 a.m.

Church Service starts at 11:30 a.m.

Fellowship Dinner follows the Church Service.

Cemetery Tour following Fellowship Dinner.

Old Adventist Hymns Sing will close the day. Our closing hymn for the day is "We are Nearing Home."

Volunteers Needed:
   Youth Sabbath School
   Adult Sabbath School Teachers
   PA System
   Deacon and Deaconess Sabbath Roles  and to help with the Fellowship Dinner.



Annual Meeting August 14, 2021


Our Guest Speaker this season was Elder Ted Huskins.

Below you will find a history of the Washington Church Annual Meetings.  There has been a lot of research done to find what you see here, but we would love to see your contributions. If you have any missing information or photos from an Annual Meeting session, please let us know!  Send Email


Annual Meeting, August 12, 2020 has been cancelled.

Annual Meeting, August 10, 2019

Speaker :  Elder Daniel Jackson President NAD


August 11, 2018 Speaker :  Dr. Daniel Lamartine Honoré, President of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Read his biography here. PDF


Sabbath School starts at 10:00 a.m.

Worship starts at 11:30 a.m.

Fellowship dinner follows under the pavilion.

At 2:00 p.m. we will have a cemetery tour that tells stories of the pioneers.

Following the Cemetery Tour we will have an Early Adventist Hymns Sing.




August 19, 2017  Speaker:  Elder Dan Jackson, North American Division President




August 6, 2016  Speaker:  Merlin Knowles,




August 1, 2015  Speaker:  Jonathan Duffy, Director of ADRA




August 16, 2014  Speaker:  Gary Councell




August 17, 2013  Speaker:  Jim Gibson, Geoscience Research Institute, Loma LInda

August 18, 2012  Speaker: Ben Schoun, Vice-President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

August 20, 2011  Speaker:  Jim NIx  Director of the Ellen White Estate 





August 21, 2010  Speaker: Pastor Arnet Mathers "The Sacred Covenant"

August 15, 2009  Speaker: 




August 2, 2008  Speaker: Robert Folkenburg, Jr.  founder of




September 13, 2008 

Special Program:  10 Year Anniversary and Rededication of the Sabbath Trail

August 4, 2007  Speaker:  Jim Nix, Director of the Ellen G White Estate

August 5, 2006  Speaker: Elder Nikolaus Satelmajer. Associate Ministerial Sec., Editor of Ministry Magazine

Afternoon Speaker: Brad Neeley "God's Plan in Agriculture"




August 6, 2005  Speaker:  William Fagel, Ellen G. White Estate

Rededication Service of the Washington Church Mike Ortel, NNEC President

Afternoon Speaker:  Thomas Jackson, PHD, "God's Farmacy" 




2004  Ongoing Restoration

2003  Ongoing Restoration

2002  Restoration of the Washington Church begins.




August 19, 2000  Speaker:  Danny Shelton, 3ABN

July 31, 1999  Speaker:   J.  Alfred Johnson, NAD Director of Adult Ministries

August 4 & 5, 1995  Speaker:  Dr. George Knight; Afternoon Speaker:  Bill McNeil




August 16, 1975   Speaker:  Kenneth H Wood, Editor of the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald



August 17, 1974











August 12, 1967





August 19, 1961  Speakers:  Arthur L. White, and  J. Melvin Clemons




August 16, 1958  Speaker:  H. M. S. Richards of the Voice of Prophecy




August 13, 1955   Speaker:  H.E. Voorhees, NNEC Sabbath School Sec.  and L.E. Esteb, Atlantic Union Conf. Sabbath School Sec. 





Date:  August 6, 1955   Speaker: W.R. Beach, Sec. of General Conference