Cemetery Project


We are raising $20,000 to address the repair of the cemetery stones and rebuilding of the cemetery wall. When we have paid the full cost of the pavilion, the Special Project fund will be used to fund this. The cemetery restoration can be done in smaller pieces. We will begin work as each partial project has funding. We will update you as we begin and make progress. 

You can be a part of the development of this enriching, historic site for Sabbath worship and activities, and we greatly need regular, monthly contributions.

Cyrus Farnsworth Family Obelisk

This very old marker has been of great concern for a long time.  As you can see from the following photos, it has been slowly but steadily tilting over the years.

Slideshow photos from 2008.







Slideshow photos from 2015,  only 7 years later, the stones have moved much more and are in danger of falling to the ground.


August 10, 2015:  "Today, I braced the Cyrus Farnsworth stone. Seth Harris, who builds stone walls, pointed out to me Sabbath that the stone was less than 2 inches from tipping. Until we can raise funds to level the stones, the bracing will have to remain. "   Site Director, Ken Brummel

Until the funds can be raised to repair this, the bracing will stay.  It will cost about $700.00 for this stone to be leveled and secure again. 


Update:  June 3, 2017  The Cyrus Farnsworth Family obelisk has been leveled!


photo: Ken Brummel
photo: Ken Brummel