Permaculture, growing food in the woods, is a great addition for the Sabbbath Trail. Our plan is to target a section of the Sabbath Trail and work on each of the layers. Learn on that section of the trail and give ideas for visitors to take back to their own land. We have a lot of woodlands in the area.

Food from the Sabbath Trail will be used to support members of our community in need and area food pantries. We will have cooking and potlucks that use wild plants in the recipes. We will need community volunteers to transition and eventually use the entire Sabbath Trail. Also, we will be looking to aquire blight resistent American Chestnuts and Elm Trees to reestablish these trees in our area. 

On a Sunday, in October 2021, we will have our initial meeting. We will focus on the edible nut trees already on the trail and the canopy layer of the forest. 

Then we will work on identifying edible plants that grow on the trail. We will move these into their best growing areas. So transplanting is a piece of the program.

For those hiking the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Mountain Trail, we will eventually be able to supplement your backpacks when you go by the church.  (Our Potlucks on Sabbath are at 1:00 p.m. for those planning hikes. From the Saturday after Mother's Day until our final Sabbath of the season the last Saturday in October,  you can stop by for some "trail magic".