Visiting and Tours

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You can view information about the Annual Meeting, including photos and articles for some of them!  Enjoy!


GPS Warning:

If your GPS is taking you through Stoddard, NH reset it for the center of Washington, NH.

When you arrive at Washington NH town common, the center of Washington, then set if for the church.  

King Street used to connect Washington, NH to Stoddard, NH.  

The road leading to the church in Washington is maintained only during the summer.

The Stoddard side of the road is not maintained at all.

Oldest Adventist Church Welcomes Hikers

December 2015 Atlantic Union Gleaner, page 16  PDF copy

Marsha Brummel, wife of Site Director, Ken Brummel, shares a story about hikers on the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway, that stop by the church.


Atlantic Union Conference Visits Historic Church

September 2015 Atlantic Union Gleaner, pages 9 and 16   PDF copy

On the inside front cover, there is a photo of Site Director, Ken Brummel, as he shares information about stage two of the pavilion project.

On page 9 you will find the article "Atlantic Union Conference Visits Historic Church" by Debra McKinney Banks. There you will find more photos of Ken and Marsha Brummel, and of the Union officers.

On page 16, there is a second article featuring the Washington Church, called "Finding Peace Where Adventism Began" by Scott Christiansen. The article shares information about the 2015 Annual Session meeting held on August 1st, with guest speaker Jonathan Duffy, president of Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).