Steam Release: Site Director Ken Brummel is an ordained pastor/ teacher and trainer. STEAM Release is a program to supplement STEAM education for families in our area. STEAM is "Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Agriculture, and Math".

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has a new Inverntors and Entraupanuer Curriculum that we will help teachers who did not get the training for, to have access. Pastor Ken can bring these events to your school, Arrange a weekend visit camping at the church (primitive group camping must be 30 or less and pre arranged.)


Pastor Ken can help teach the Christian Art of Preaching and Christian Art of Preaching Advanced. (links below)

These honors take over six months. Pastor Ken can meet on Zoom with clubs to get them started. An addition to the honor,  Pastor Ken teaches "William Miller's Bible Study Method". He also desires to see people use this method to study together.  And we invite Pathfinders groups with multiple members working on the honors to plan a "weekend revival" for their church. Then for a dress rehearsal, you can come to Washington NH for a weekend and preach at the in the Washington NH church. is Pastor Ken's contact. 

 or you can call 603-477-1064 

Coming in 2022: Marsha Brummel will be assisting clubs with the Adventist History Honors. These are the patches with the Washington Church on them.

Nature/Forrestry Honors: We have "Biltmore Sticks at the Church for estimating the boar feet in a tree. In addition, we can teach some forestry management principles to groups helping to maintain the Sabbath Trail. As this program develops, we want to assist families working on the vocational Forestry Honors.

We can support Pathfinder groups visiting the Washington NH Church 

The Washington church has a Pavillion with 11 10-foot tables,  Solar Restrooms, the Sabbath Trail, and the historic birthplace of our denomination. We have been purchasing clip boards and items to supplement or help if clubs forgot something for their honor. 

In the Pavilion storage area we have a grill and picnic supplies for the site. We have one fire pit. And the camping is primitive as we do not have showers. 


Emerging Leader Training

A newly baptized member is considered a "member in good and regular standing" and a full voting member of the church. Yet, this can be a difficult to work your way through the "politics of the church".  In life "where two or three are gathered there will be politics." Politics is just the way we work to get our needs met in groups, Politics is neutral. But most do not understand the written and unwritten rules of the organizations. 


Emerging Leaders should be new believers. However, these principles and lessons will help you in any organization. Pastor Ken can teach these at the Washington Church or on Zoom. This program is a work in progress, and will be adapted as participants give their feedback and suggestions for topics.  Zoom group size for training is 10-15 as it is a conversational style training. I encourage Families to consider being trained together so you can support each other.


Leading versus Managing You must be good at both to bring change. Are you the solution or the problem?

Conflict Management: Process is as important as the result. What does "Passive-Aggressive" look like  in a person versus what "Passive-Aggressive Organizations" (Matthew 18 Bible Study.) How to use Mission Statements in a church to lessen conflict. (How to write one if you do not have one.) Why laughter is an important sign in a healthy church. (Support of the "Natural Church Developement". 

System Theory: There are two key concepts that drive System Theory. This portion will have a book club.  Three key books that will help you bring change to any organization in which you are investing your life. Rabbi Edwin Friedman's "Emotional Triangels" will introduced to help with processing conflict (external and internal).

Home School Families:

The third Sunday, in August, August 20, we will have a "STEAM Release" event. We can work with 15 K-8 families. Next years is not planned, but will have introduction to the Inventor's curriculum.  

If you have a group you want to bring for a specific event, I can adapte the STEAM Release program to your visit. 5-6 families is enough. Just like Pathfinders, reservations need to be made for these events. Please note when we have a workbee at the church for a Sunday, we may include an event for Home-School Families. (June 2022 Workbee on Sunday will have a weekend solar cooking potluck where the food of one meal (when we have sunlight) has to be cooked in a solar oven.

Fall of 2022 Workbee will have a K-8 Rube Goldberg weekend. You must build a contraption with all 6 Simple Machines. They also have curriculum for 5-8 simple machines.