The Sabbath Trail

In 1982 Adventist Historic Properties (AHP) bought land to the north and east of the church. and deeded it to the Northern New England Conference (NNEC) to be added to the property the church and adjoining cemetery already owned by the NNEC. AHP's goal was to protect the historic site. Since the donation, Adventist Historic Properties changed its name to Adventist Heritage Ministries (AHM).

In 1994 the congregation at the Washington Church planning to clear an area for a new visitors and members parking lot.

Not long after this work began, the pastor at the time, Merlin Knowles, was praying and thinking about the property, and how they could use it. Then God impressed upon him an idea: to construct a walking trail tracing the history of the Sabbath from Creation to the New Earth. Within minutes he was able to draw an outline for the entire trail. Eagerly, Pastor Knowles began designing the Sabbath Trail.

As news of the project got around and work began, hundreds of people, including grade school, academy, and college students volunteered their time to work on the Sabbath Trail.

A total of forty engraved granite stones tell the story of the Sabbath from Creation to the New Earth. The one mile long trail features thirty-one sites, complete with benches for visitors. It was dedicated on September 12, 1998.

A small section of the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway follows a portion of the Sabbath Trail! 

For the Geocaching Community, there is a cache hidden on the Trail!

Monumental Discovery